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  • Error Of Margin: Deft census jugglery renders STs a minority in their home

    Debarshi Dasgupta, Outlook India
    It may seem like an innocuous error but it has nonetheless sent the alarm bells ringing in Chhattisgarh. The administration of Jashpur district, an overwhelmingly tribal area, has been found to have reduced the local tribal population to a minority. It seems to have interchanged the census figures of the local scheduled tribe population with those of the scheduled castes. The 2001 census puts the figure for STs at 63.24 per cent of the total while the SC population is just 4.9 per cent.

    The switch, which was made online, meant that the tribals were officially reduced to a minority. In fact, close to 300 villages in the district were shown to have zero ST population. The district administration said it was a mistake and corrected the data recently after a public furore. But few locals are convinced.

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  • The Magic-Realistic Slaughter Of Azad

    Writing of the death of comrades, Cherukuri Rajkumar foretold his own

    By Amit Bhaduri

    "There has never been a death more foretold," wrote Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his classic little novel, Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The setting is a small seaside town somewhere in South America where virtually the whole town knows that a honour killing of a young man is going to take place one morning. The killers wait with open knives in full view of the public, declaring to all passers-by their intention. Nothing is kept secret; the killing takes place in full view of the town through the public's various acts of omission and commission. Everyone has his or her justification for why they couldn't prevent the killing. Insights into the gripping power of collective prejudice merge with realism and fantasy to create the magic Marquez is famous for.

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  • Revolution and Counter-Revolution--Indian State Bares its Fangs as the Class Struggle Intensifies in Orissa

    "Once they (Vedanta Aluminium Ltd.) get the final clearance and come here for mining, we will have no option but to fight them tooth and nail... We have started preparations for the confrontation and that is when the government will declare us Maoists and unleash CRPF troops on us. But we have nothing to lose. We will fight it out and die but will not let go of our forest..."   -- Lenju, activist of Niyamgiri Surakhya Samiti in an interview to Frontline, 5-18 June 2010.

    by Democratic Student Union (DSU)--Lenju was among the nine people gunned down by the armed forces in Badangmali of Rayagada district last week. After staging this 'encounter' on 9 January 2011, the police claimed that nine 'Maoist ultras', including four women, were killed and advertised it as the biggest 'catch' in its ongoing war against the Maoists in Orissa. The police identified the dead as Ravi, Rajendra, Lenju, Ramesh Kulsika, Rinky, Nirmala, Mamata Sipka, Karuna and Kamala. However, not even a single policeman got injured after this 'fierce encounter' that supposedly lasted for six to seven hours!

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  • Unsaid Words from wife of murdered journalist Hem Pandey

    A woman remembers her best friend, a man dubbed a Maoist and killed by the Republic of India. He happened to be her journalist husband
    BY Rahul Pandita "For the first time in my life," says Babita Pandey, "I had a wifely chat with Hem a night before he was to leave for Nagpur." They discussed how they never took a holiday in their eight years of marriage, she says. "I told him that there were so many things that had been left unsaid in our relationship, and that we needed to plan our lives." She remembers his putting aside the book he was reading and smiling at her. She remembers his words. "He said our life is a part of the larger events that shape this society, and that it cannot be separated from what's happening in India or elsewhere in the world."

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  • Whatever Happened to the ‘Other Binayaks’?

    Democratic Student Union, JNU: "Civil Society's Failure to Stand by the People Targeted by the Indian State"

    The Indian 'civil society' -constituted by the articulate section of the middle class and representing a wide spectrum of ideological affiliations- has been shocked by the recent conviction of Dr. Binayak Sen. There have been vocal protests all over the country against the unfair implication of Dr. Sen in charges under the draconian UAPA as well as Chhattisgarh Public Safety Act, and the recent court verdict handing him a life imprisonment.

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  • Oppose Strongly the Punishment given to Binayak Sen, Narayan Sanyal and Piyush Guha!

    Indian Workers Association, GB:  Raise Voice Demanding the Release of Political Prisoners Who Are in Indian Jails Under Sedition Charges!

    To All Those Who Cherish Democratic Values -- The judiciary of the so-called biggest democracy on this planet has once again shown to the world that it is partisan, undemocratic and oppressive as it is wrongfully punishing renowned Dr. Binayak Sen, a doctor who always served the people, and two others, Narayan Sanyal  and Piyush Guha. The three have been punished under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), Public Safety Law of Chhattisgarh (CSPPA), and 124-A and S 120 clauses of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). These special clauses of sedition were introduced by the British colonialist rulers in India to suppress the rightful rebellions of the Indian people against the colonialist rulers. These black clauses are not only retained in penal code of 'free' India, rather, many new laws of such kind are made and being enacted to suppress the will of the people. The rulers are aggressively using these new laws against the people to stifle them.

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  • Condemning the FIR against Dr. Ilina Sen and the Police Strong Handedness Against The Participants of the Indian Association Of Women's Studies

    IAWS PRESS STATEMENT: Demanding the closure of the case against Dr. Ilina Sen. (See text of the FIR below)

    25th January 2011--The IAWS (Indian Association for Women's Studies) is shocked and strongly condemns the entry of the police into Yatri Niwas, at Wardha at 2.30 a.m. on 24th January 2011, where a large number of women  participants, who were mainly students and teachers from Universities across the country, attending the 13th National Conference of the Indian Association for Women's Studies (IAWS) held from 20-24 January 2011 were staying.

    The conference was hosted by the Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya (MGAHV), Wardha, with the IAWS as the organiser.

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  • Binayak Sen's wife booked by "Anti-Terrorism Squad"

    Hindustan Times
    Nagpur, January 25, 2011 -- The Maharashtra anti-terrorism squad on Monday booked Ilina Sen, wife of jailed rights activist Binayak Sen, for not informing the police about the arrival of several foreign nationals for a convention she organised. Meanwhile, the hearing of her husband's bail plea in the Chhattisgarh high court is set to continue on Tuesday.

    The foreigners had come to attend a three-day convention in Wardha, about 80 km from Nagpur.

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  • DNA India: "West Bengal demands additional central forces for Maoist-hit districts"

    Friday, Jan 14, 2011: Kolkata--The West Bengal government has asked for at least three more battalions of central forces in the Maoist-hit districts of West Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia in addition to the existing 41 companies there.
    State secretariat sources said here that the demand had already been placed by state home secretary GD Gautama in a communication to Union home secretary GK Pillai.
    The state government, however, is yet to receive any feedback on its demand.
    The three Maoist-hit districts already have 35 companies of CRPF and six companies of the Naga Battalion, the sources said.
    Additional director general of police (law and order) Surajit Kar Purakayastha said that demand for six companies of CRPF, including one company of women personnel, had also been placed before the Centre to combat growing law and order problems in Darjeeling following continuous agitation by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha to press for a Gorkhaland state.


  • The Hindu: "Probe committee found holes in police version of Azad death"

    J. Balaji

    With the Supreme Court coming down on the Centre and the Andhra Pradesh government for the alleged cold-blooded killing of Maoist spokesperson Cherukuri Rajkumar alias Azad and journalist Hemchandra Pandey, the authorities will finally be forced to answer the series of uncomfortable questions thrown up by an independent investigation into the encounter last year.

    While the State police claimed the alleged encounter with Azad and a large group of Maoists took place in the limits of the Wankadi police station of Adilabad district on the night of July 1, a fact-finding team constituted by the Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations (CDRO) poked holes in the official account.

    The team, consisting of notable personalities including Supreme Court senior advocate Prashant Bhushan, opined that Azad was likely shot dead from a very close range, not more than a foot, rather than from a distance as the police said.

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    Odisha Forest Mazdoor Union statement: Odisha is full of mountains and hills containing a substantial quantity of nation's wealth of minerals. Odisha's resources in percent of India's total mineral resources in parenthesis: coal(25%), bauxite (50%), chromites (98%), iron (27%), nickel(91%), and many other minerals, and exploitation of these mineral deposits is taking place 'legally as well as illegally' at an increasing speed, causing large scale evictions of tribals, dalits, poor peasants from the lands, forests, rivers, mountains etc. In the socalled process of developments the broad masses are denied access to the forests and forest produces, affecting their livelihood adversely as well as causing pollution of entire ecology system. The plundering of natural resources by the national and multi-national companies in the name of mineral based industries is not accepted by the people of state and which has resulted in militant mass movements in different parts of the state.


    54 MoUs have been signed with the national and multinational companies and capitalists by the Odisha Govt. to loot the natural resources and minerals. If the said schemes are implemented,  around 1,10,000 hectors  of agricultural land, 10,000 hectors  of forest land and 50,000 hectors  of grazing land will be affected and lakhs of poor people will be displaced from their hearth and home. Since long, people are raising their voice and organizing resistance movements against the anti-people destructive projects in the name of so-called developments . From Baliapal  to Gopalpur,  Gandhamardan to Kasipur, Dhinkia to Niyamgiri, Kaling Nagar to Narayanpatna everywhere the oppressed, poor mainly tribals organizing themselves against the state patronized exploitation and conspiracy , which open the doors for the corporate, multinationals to loot the natural resources . Different forms of of resistance movement are  going on  including armed struggle led by C.P.I (Maoist) party. Instead of addressing the fundamental political economic issues of the broad masses, the state has been persistently continuing terrorism to suppress the dissent voice, politics as well as people's militant resistances.


    The fundamental issues like life and livelihood of broad masses are treated as  law and order issues  by the state and  the  state security forces including Border Security Forces, CRPFs etc are deployed in the movement areas. In the process of state terrorism struggling people above 700 have been imprisoned and most of them are under trial prisoners and languishing in the jails for years together. Custodial violence including deaths in the custody has become a policy of the state. Gang rape of tribal women in the custody is not also uncommon in our state. The complain of a gang rape victim is also not properly inquired by the judicial magistrate of R.Udaygiri in spite of mandatory provision enumerated as under section-176(1-A) of Code of criminal procedure.


    In the name of combing operation the security forces have obtained 'license' to kill any person under the cover of encounter with Maoists. It has become a general practice in our state that when an innocent person is killed by the police bullets, at that moment the police create a story that the person was a Maoist who died in the encounter. Very recently during 28-12-2010 to 12-01-2011, twenty innocent persons including ten women were killed by the bullets of security forces in the name of encounter with Maoists. Since the militant mass movements are continuing in Kaling Nagar ,Kashipur, Niyamgiri and Gandhamardan areas, the state has adopted d the politics of encounter to create a reign of terror in the said areas to suppress the mass movements and to serve the corporate interests.


    It is not out of place to mention that although a number of so called encounter incidents have occurred in the tribal areas of the state, in no case any independent and credible enquiry has been ordered by the state government. In one case only the victim lady of village Birubai under Rayagada district made a complain before the state human right commission that her husband was killed on 7-7-2006 by the security forces in a fake encounter. The commission decided the case in her favour  and came to the conclusion that the husband of victim lady was innocent ,who was killed by police in fake encounter. But the recommendation of Comission regarding taking action against responsible police officer is yet to be carried out.


    I have reason to believe that there are only four cases of exchange of fire(encounter) between the arms squad of Maoists and security forces of the state during the period of 2004 to 2011 and which are in  Koraput, RUdaygiri ,Gasama and Damanjodi and all other cases are fake encounters and which require free ,fair  and credible investigations after registration of criminal cases in the respective police stations .


    Under the above facts and circumstances, I appeal all concerned persons /groups/forces to condemn  and raise their  voice against the state policy of fake encounter to kill innocent persons as a part of repression and suppression of dissent voice/politics/ideology with a motive to serve the corporate interest.






    Dandapani Mahanty

    General Secretary, Odisha Forest Mazdoor Union

  • Indian Supreme Court orders Azad killing inquiry

    BBC news, 14 January 2011--India's Supreme Court has given the government six weeks to explain the circumstances under which a prominent Maoist was killed last year.

    Cherukuri Rajkumar was acting as an intermediary to set up peace talks between the Maoists and the Indian government when he was shot dead.

    One judge said the state could not be allowed to kill its own children.

    Human rights activists alleged the victim, also known as Azad, was killed by police after he had been detained.

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  • Press Note--Orissa Forest Mazdur Union and Revolutionary Writers Association, A.P

    On 24th December, 2010, the police raided the village of Lundang in Gajapati District, brutally tortured all village people. The Adivasis there belongs to the catholic christian community. Their preparation for Christmas was totally destroyed. From there, they have taken four young men - Somnath Majhi, Pradeep Majhi and two others to the S.O.G camp inside SPs office, Paralakhemundi and severely tortured. Pradeep Majhi died there because of torture but the SP has concocted a story that he committed suicide in the Police lock up with shoelaces. The villagers blocked the